Hilton Honors 2020 Status Now Updated On The App (Are Your Rollovers Correct?)

Hilton Honors app has now finally updated to 2020, although most of this information was available on the website from last week (read more here).

Is your status and rollover nights for 2020 correct? A reader already dropped us an email being short of two nights for Diamond when the app in 2019 had shown enough.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Rollover nights only roll over once. They all expire at the end of the following year after they were earned. Actual nights consumed within a calendar year are counted when considered towards a rollover.

  • Silver members – nights between 11 – 36 are (1 – 26 nights) are eligible for the rollover (you should have Gold anyway as a minimum by doing one of the Fast Tracks that we have covered here and here).
  • Gold members – nights between 41 – 59 (1 – 19) are eligible for rollover to the following year.
  • Diamond members – nights over 60 are rolled over to the following year unless you have lifetime status. Nights then won’t roll over at all as no need.

Milestone Bonuses

Members often confuse rollover nights and milestone bonuses. Remember that only actual consumed nights (excluding rollover) count towards the bonus points earned starting at 40 nights.

You earn 10,000 bonus points for every ten nights consumed excess of 40 except at 60 nights when you earn 40,000.

There was an issue with an incorrect number of nights shown towards these milestone bonuses last year:

Hilton Honors Milestone Bonus Issues?

A reader dropped us an email about a problem with wrong night count for 2019 (lost Diamond by two nights):

Been following the HH app’s meter and booked the room nights advised in order to achieve Diamond and completed my last stay 31/12/2019..

As I’m travelling again Jan, my wedding anniversary year,  asked could they update my profile to reflect Diamond

I was told, sorry the App is faulty and I’m 2 room nights short.

I mailed them to say I’d been following their (unknown to me) faulty APP so as a gesture of their IT error, please award me Diamond…

They’ve been totally not interested…

There have been issues with incorrect night counts if there have been multiple rooms OR overlapping stays. Some of these nights or stays have been shown to count towards the nights and milestone bonuses even when they shouldn’t. Hilton Honors should honor (pun intended) what was shown.


Hilton Honors could have been more transparent with these Rollover Nights and Milestone Bonuses AND possible overlapping and multiple nights. It is an unfortunate mess with some losers among the members.

The program is working as intended, but the information shown to the members could be more precise and not always correct.

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