The Blues

The Blues

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The US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, also known as Blue Angels,  is an aerobatic team from the US Navy. Every year, they perform in more than 70 shows around the States. Their birds, the F/A-18 Hornet, is one of the most emblematic aircraft, maybe much more emblematic than the Boeing 747.

The Blue Angels were born in 1946, and the main aim of this Squadron is to enhance the US Navy recruitment, trying to excite young people to enroll the Navy. And they certainly do.

Some of their tricks are the half-Cuban 8 takeoff, the knife-edge pass, the section high alpha or the Delta formation. If you want more info about them, just go to their official website.

And now, check this video out, with Van Halen as Blue Angels soundtrack. Awesome.

And here you have the Fat Albert (Hercules C-130) with a Jet Assisted Takeoff.

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