Choice Privileges Waives Points Expiry Until December 31, 2020

Choice Privileges introduced their Covid-19 response back in March (read more here) and April (read more here) 2020.

Choice Privileges previously waived points expiry through May 31, 2020, that has now been pushed to December 31.

You can access Choice’s page for Covid-19 response here.

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Note that Choice Privileges has not communicated what they will do with elite tiers next year. Most other loyalty programs will just extend them by a year

Here’s the update:

Your Choice Privileges loyalty points

We know you have a lot on your mind during this period of uncertainty as it relates to COVID-19. That’s why our most loyal customers no longer have to worry about their Choice Privileges points expiring.

Specifically, we have paused points expiration until December 31, 2020 allowing Choice Privileges members more time to redeem points and achieve greater flexibility when planning future travel. We understand that earning and maintaining Elite status for 2021 is also important to many of you. As the current situation evolves, we will continue to evaluate opportunities around Elite status and will keep you updated on all loyalty program changes through our website.

Here are the previous updates:

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Choice Privileges has been late at coming up with their elite tier extension for 2021. Good, however, that they have waived the points expiry through the end of 2020.

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