Wyndham Rewards Award Category Changes February 11, 2020

Wyndham Rewards will have their annual award category adjustments on February 11, 2020.

Around 830 hotels will move in award category, of which 300 or so will change from 7,500 to 15,000 points and 80+ to 30,000. Rest will require fewer points than today.

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Here’s the information that we received from Wyndham Rewards about these changes:

Most of our 9,200+ hotels (91%) will not change tiers and of those that will, the vast majority, just under 500 hotels, will move down.

Just over 300 hotels will be moving up to either the 15,000 or 30,000 point tier, the majority of which will move to the 15,000 point tier. (Just over 80 hotels are moving to the 30,000 tier.)

As was the case when we introduced the 7,500 and 30,000 point tiers last year, members who book prior to February 11 will automatically have reservations adjusted in their favor with no action required on their part.

e.g. if a member books a hotel that drops to a lower tier, they’ll have the difference in points returned to their account; if a member books a hotel that moves to a higher tier, the original booking, and original amount of required points, will be honored.

We anticipate this being a once a year process moving forward.

While we’re not able to share specifics about which hotels are moving to which tiers, any members with questions, or seeking assistance with upcoming reservations, are encouraged to reach out to our Member Services team via WyndhamRewards.com or by calling 866-996-7937.


It would have been great if Wyndham Rewards released a list of these hotels moving up and down in the number of points required.

I would say that it is likely that those great value redemptions will require more, and those that make no sense at all points-wise will go down. Good to know in advance, however, that there are changes in two weeks.

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