Comair Restarts British Airways Flights Within South Africa On December 9, 2020

Comair, a British Airways franchise in South America, grounded all of its flights this spring amid covid lockdowns in the country and filed for business rescue (a form of bankruptcy protection).

Now, the airline has been able to secure financing and is in the process of restarting operations. Flights are scheduled to take off on December 9, 2020, based on information the airline has filed.

You can access BA here.

The schedules are still rather sparse—only five daily rotations between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

You can book these on BA’s website.

And they are also available using Avios.


Comair also has a local “cheap” brand called Kulula. I guess that those flights will take off, although there are no benefits for BA or Oneworld elite tier members on Kulula flights.

The Slow-lounges in South Africa that Business class and Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members have access to when flying on domestic BA flights are surprisingly nice.

The paid economy fares right now are so low that it makes no sense to redeem Avios unless you need the flexibility to cancel.

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