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You can access Marriott Zurich’s website here.

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I was in Zurich in late September and decided to try out the Marriott hotel this time. My most recent stay in the city was back in February, and I have to stay that the Park Hyatt didn’t disappoint.

There were some issues with my most recent stay:

  • M Club-closed
  • Breakfast bit of a mess
  • Gift card redemption
  • Check out

A survey from Medallia:

May hotel companies use Medallia for their after-stay surveys that you quite often receive, but not always, within a few days of checking out.

These surveys probe your overall satisfaction with the hotel and can go into detail with specific departments.

I assume that these surveys are used to determine the NPS scores for the property. Some hotels get back to you either with automated or personalized emails if your responses have indicated that some improvements are required.

The hotel sends me the following email after I had filed the survey:

Thank you very much for having taken the time to complete our guests satisfaction survey following your stay from the 25th of september to the 27th september.

It was a pleasure to host you as our guest.

We were distressed to read that you were not satisfied with the benefits provided in regards to your membership.

If you like, we would be happy to have more details on this part of your stay with us, in order to be able to enhance our services.

You may be rest assured that 1500 points will be credited to your account already, as a compensation for our closed M Club lounge.

Thank you again for your sincere words. It is the feedback of our valued Titanium members, such as yourself, that helps us to improve frequently.

If your travel plans bring you back to Zurich, please do not hesitate to contact, if you need help with a reservation.

The email was sent from Medallia as the email address indicated: [email protected].

I replied:

The hotel could have provided the M Club benefits at the lobby bar or any other F&B outlet like many other hotels have chosen to do in Europe and Asia.

I pointed out that the check out experience was less than good because I had to argue that the stay was shortened from 3 to 2 nights the previous day. The agent with whom I dealt previously was not available, and obviously, she hadn’t change the length.

The agent made it sound like they were doing me a huge favor by not charging for the Sunday night, and I was rolling my eye.

I pointed out that I consider 1,500 points to be an inadequate number.

They did agree and posted another 10,000 points to my Marriott Bonvoy account.


I neither requested nor expected compensation when I filled out the survey, but rather wanted to point out the areas of weakness. But if you decide to offer some, make the number even remotely reasonable.

Marriott hotels pay $55 for every 10,000 points they issue as compensation or other customer service issued. The 1,500 points were worth $8.25.

I think that the Marriott Zurich was ok. Considering all the other options in the city based on pricing, product quality, and service, it isn’t easy to see me returning to this cement tower.

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