Manila Travel Attractions To Always Consider Visiting

Manila is a vibrant metropolis filled with modern attractions and historical sites. Take a colorful jeepney ride around town to get acquainted with local culture!

The National Museum Complex is an oasis of culture for both tourists and locals, boasting collections spanning art, archaeology, anthropology and zoology.Perth to Manila flights are now available with Cathay Pacific.

1. National Museum of the Philippines

The National Museum of the Philippines stands as a testament to Philippine history. Boasting three distinct buildings dedicated to art, culture and natural history; any history buff must visit.

Juan Luna’s Spoliarium, a painting depicting dying gladiators that won gold at Madrid’s 1884 Exposicion Nacional de Bellas Artes exhibition is among its most celebrated pieces in the National Museum of Fine Arts. Other must-see works include Guillermo Tolentino’s Lualhati and Jose Joya’s Hills of Nikko as well as many others by Guillermo Tolentino and Tolentino respectively, plus their masterpieces such as Hills of Nikko by Jose Joya among them a massive library featuring books covering different cultures and religions found throughout our nation – it truly makes it home among all its museums!

Church of Saint Agustine, built by Spaniards during the 16th century and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002, should also not be missed. Not only has it survived both an earthquake and World War II damage, but it’s also where Jose Rizal, executed nationalist leader, is interred.

Experience Filipino culture first-hand by tasting Filipino food on Binondo Street – an eater’s delight. Or join an exciting gastronomic tour to uncover more of Chinatown.

Greenhills Park provides an oasis from Makati’s busy streets, complete with paved walkways and koi ponds. Also surrounded by lush greenery, there’s plenty to keep visitors occupied while saving money with inexpensive finds at Greenhills Market and Restaurant. Greenhills also has plenty of restaurants if dining is your goal! Greenhillsalso features affordable restaurant choices that serve local cuisine; moreover there is an impressive array of dining options nearby including several fine-dining establishments as well.

2. Robinsons Place Mall

Robinsons Place Mall is an all-out shoppers paradise that provides something for everyone, while at the same time making for an excellent meeting and socialising hub. Here you can shop souvenirs, dine out at restaurants and entertainment spots or even take a dip at its pool – not forgetting its proximity to landmarks such as National Museum of the Philippines, Rizal Park, and Ynares Center!

The mall boasts several acclaimed eateries and a food court, as well as being conveniently situated near government offices like Department of Justice, Supreme Court and hospitals. Here you will find both fast food chains serving delicious cuisine from across the globe as well as several upscale eateries serving delicious cuisine from across Asia. Additionally, its large supermarket provides affordable essential products.

Manila offers many exciting tourist attractions that are sure to wow you, from the Manila Ocean Park with its aquatic creatures and serene environment, to Paco Park for relaxation and scenic surroundings, there are countless things you can witness here. Additionally, amusement centers like Star City Amusement Park offers thrilling rides while dessert museums provide tantalizing sweet treats!

Manila is best visited between December and February when its weather is most conducive for exploring and experiencing local festivities. Visit Fort Santiago which was known for housing Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal’s prison cells as well as visiting museums and galleries worth seeing around town.

3. Rizal Park

Rizal Park, situated adjacent to Intramuros’ historic walled city, is one of Manila’s primary tourist spots and one of Asia’s largest urban parks, with gardens, ponds, walkways and monuments. As one of its major national landmarks it commemorates Dr Jose Rizal – the nation’s greatest hero and patriot who led reform efforts during Spanish colonial rule – by featuring over 40 worthwhile sights such as his Monument and Chess Plaza; Lapu-Lapu’s statue; Manila Orchidarium with flower filled spaces; giant three dimensional relief maps all cover every inch!

The park provides an ideal space for leisurely strolls in late afternoon or early evening and on weekends. Additionally, visitors can discover Philippine history via an impressive collection of statues and monuments to our heroes as well as an open-air presentation depicting Dr. Rizal’s martyrdom – including dramatic recreations of his last moments!

Rizal Park boasts many natural features as well as cultural and educational institutions such as the National Museum Complex and Children’s Playground, making it a popular spot for locals looking for somewhere peaceful to relax with family or friends. There is also a food court nearby as well as an amphitheater which hosts performances by singers, dancers, and bands.

Rizal Park is free to visit, though some attractions within it do require an admission fee. There are jeepney tours that stop here; or book a guided tour that combines it with other top Manila sites like Casa Manila or Fort Santiago for maximum sightseeing enjoyment.

4. Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago stands as one of the premiere tourist attractions in Intramuros, protecting Manila Bay’s entrance from Intramuros’ walls. Constructed during the late 1500s, Fort Santiago earned notoriety as being where Jose Rizal was imprisoned prior to his execution and where thousands were slaughtered by Japanese troops during their short but brutal occupation of Manila.

Visitors to Fort Santiago can explore its old dungeons, museums and churches while strolling along its cobblestone streets, passing Spanish-era landmarks such as Plaza Moriones (where military drills and parades took place) and Plaza de Roma (lined with marble-and-bronze statues of religious figures) on a cobblestone street tour. Furthermore, Casa Manila museum showcases artifacts from Spanish times while Bahay Tsinoy provides more insight into Chinese contributions to Philippine history.

Fort Santiago now features the iMake History Fortress Learning Center, featuring hands-on exhibits that highlight various historical events in the Philippines. Another highlight within Fort Santiago is Rizal Shrine where visitors can trace in his footsteps from his cell to execution site.

Intramuros in Manila’s walled city of Intramuros offers visitors a wealth of attractions to see and learn from on a guided tour, with knowledgeable guides at your side providing closer views and explanations about its historic sites from Malay, Spanish, American and Japanese periods of Philippine culture. Fort Santiago will be featured prominently as part of this tour itinerary as will ornate Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church-both UNESCO World Heritage sites-and a calesa, or two wheel horse drawn carriage ride around some parts of Intramuros’ walls!

5. National Museum of Natural History

Manila is an energetic urban hub that gives visitors a taste of Philippine history, culture, and art – as well as offering shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities galore.

Manila makes getting around easy thanks to public transportation options like jeepneys and buses – both decorated with graffiti or unique designs – offering convenient legroom. Other public transport systems available are MRT and LRT trains which are modern, efficient and economical options.

Intramuros is one of the top things to do in Manila and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One popular attraction within these walls is Church of Saint Augustine which showcases Filipino interpretations of European Baroque architectural style; making this an excellent spot for religious travelers as well as those curious about learning more about Philippine colonial past.

Other historical attractions in Manila include Quiapo Church and Malacanang Palace – two landmarks which offer insight into Philippine politics and history. At Quiapo Church you’ll find The Black Nazarene – an astounding lifelike statue depicting Jesus kneeling with his cross on His shoulders – while Quiapo Church hosts Quiapo Market which houses its iconic Black Nazarene statue of Christ kneeling and carrying His cross

If you want a respite from Manila’s deafening metro noise, head for University of the Philippines-Diliman and visit its stunning campus tucked away from busy streets. Here you will be able to visit old buildings that nurture some of our nation’s brightest young minds while taking a much-needed respite from noise of city living.

Bonifacio High Street offers restaurants and shops inspired by Europe’s main shopping streets. Additionally, Bonifacio also features exciting activities like its Dessert Museum, Escape Rooms and Art in Island that are sure to satisfy your sense of adventure and excitement!

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