Hilton Honors App Dumb Down

Hilton Honors has had a useful app for checking stays and points activities while on the go. The app also supports electronic key.

Now, however, Hilton Honors has updated the app and dumbed it down. You can no longer see point breakdowns for your stays. They are still available on the website version.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Stay info on the app:

You see the total number of points earned.

When you click the stay itself you are no longer presented how Hilton Honors ended up awarding the number of points they did, but just the total

Stay info on the website:

The website still shows the number of points earned line by line. It is easy to check that they have awarded all the points that were due and if there are some bonuses missing.


It seems that Hilton has hired the same incompetent provider (Accenture) that is behind the recent Marriott IT disasters.

I guess that Hilton Honors doesn’t want members that just use the app to notice that they have been shorted on points by removing the line-by-line information. Regrettable development.

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