American Express Proof Of Travel Insurance

American Express Gold and Platinum cards in select markets come with travel insurance that kicks in when a certain percentage of travel expenses have been paid using them.

Some countries now require arriving passengers to have proof of insurance in a case of Covid-19 infections, and some airlines such as Emirates and Air Canada have purchased one for their passengers.

As I was going to fly to Brazil in late October, I was in touch with American Express customer service about getting a certificate that would prove that I am covered under the insurance that comes with the card.

The agent couldn’t get hold of Axa that provides the coverage but dropped me an email with instructions on contacting them.

I sent an email to Axa asking for a Covid-19 letter that I could use to enter Brazil, and they emailed me one the following day.:


Travel insurance products in Europe are rather reasonably priced, and you can buy one valid for a year for 100 euros or so that usually covers trips for up to 30 or 60 days.

Products with longer trip durations tend to be expensive, and those valid without returning for months pricey.

By the time I arrived in Brazil last week, there was no longer a requirement to prove that you had insurance with a minimum of 30,000 BRL medical coverage.

I have only used the travel insurance that comes with Amex in Finland once because I don’t always use the card for travel expenses outside of the Euro-area due to noncompetitive fx-fees.

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