Marriott Bonvoy Suite Night Award (SNA) Success: Case Danieli Venice

We have covered the ins and outs of Marriott Bonvoy’s Suite Night Awards several times since they were introduced to the combined program from the SPG.

SNAs allow members to apply for an upgrade to predetermined rooms and suites and automatically get confirmed up to five days before the intended stay.

You can access Marriott’s page for Suite Night Awards here.

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Hotel Danieli in Venice had quite a few room and suite types potentially available for upgrades using SNAs. I only chose the higher suite option that was available using this instrument. The other options looked like typical Platinum upgrades.

I was surprised to receive the following confirmation five days out:

Here are the room/suite types available for sale this weekend:

Workaround to apply SNA to a prepaid reservation:

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I have had great luck with Platinum and higher status upgrades at Marriott hotels. I rarely stay at a non-suite at hotels that have them.

My perception of these SNAs is not that good, however, based on my previous experiences. They often don’t get approved, although it doesn’t prevent excellent and excellent upgrades at the time of checking in (usually processed overnight).

Also, I often make my reservation only a couple of days out when the SNA inventory is likely already depleted.

I am glad that I was able to confirm a nice upgrade at the Danieli for this weekend. I had a great upgrade too at the Gritti Palace last year without applying any instruments.

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