The Worst Ever Generic Welcome Letter?

A friend of mine sent me a copy of a welcome letter he had received this week at the Santa Ynez Valley Marriott.

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This letter is not a great first impression of a hotel. It does not imply a warm welcome, or in this case, that the property is even taking COVID-19 measures seriously. Sure it’s a minor detail, but details do matter when a hotel wants you to spend money and presumably return.

Equally sloppy, is outdated literature in the room. Marriott Rewards is long gone, and getting points for declining housekeeping is too – so why is a tag inviting guests to participate hanging on the door?


Making clean, legible, neat, copies of letters, Wi-Fi code slips, breakfast slips, etc. does not require high spending from a hotel, but it does require taking the time to care.

Not sure how valued I would had felt if someone left this in my room at a Marriott hotel? It looks like it was printed with a laser that had not enough toner OR copied from a copy a few times.

It is neither for the guests’ or their safety not to provide housekeeping service, but rather for the property owner to save money. Based on this letter, housekeeping services are not even provided by request.

The letter refers to “breakfast available for purchase,” although my friend is a lifetime Titanium. I hope this is not one of those Marriott hotels that only offer it for cash while denying an elite member their complimentary benefit.

Having old door tags is the icing on the cake, proving how sloppy this property is.

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