Fabulous Fridays: Hotels Providing Great Service During Covid-19

We have had few pieces of how hotels have failed to provide any meaningful services or elite benefits months after the pandemic started, and I thought that it would be a time to feature several that have done a great job.

As I have been staying in the hotels through the year, as I have done since the early 2000s (hotels are my home), of which most in Japan where it was business as usual albeit a short break in April/May, I thought that it would be time to see how hotels in Europe are dealing with the situation.

Here are two examples both from Marriott and Hilton:

Note that these service concepts were in place during my stays in September/October. They may have changed since. Consult with the hotels or website for up to date information.

Le Meridien Piccadilly

Club Lounge was closed, but benefits, including the evening happy hour, were available at the only F&B outlet open. You could order food from the menu and drinks (not everything was complimentary but very good selection).

Conrad St. James

The hotel had an evening happy hour in a space next to a bar. Breakfast was served in a restaurant.

Westin Excelsior Florence

This hotel doesn’t have an executive lounge, and amenity breakfast was served in the rooftop restaurant. At least I didn’t get billed for any of the menu items we ended up ordering.

Hilton Tallinn

Executive Lounge is closed, but lounge benefits were provided at the open restaurant from noon. Breakfast is served at the same restaurant.

They even had a small buffet.


There is really no excuse for not providing the service that we pay for and have earned. Hotels can provide club amenities if they so want.

How difficult is it to designate part of the bar area as a “lounge” with complimentary all-day non-alcoholic beverages and complimentary adult ones in the evening?

I have avoided properties with limited elite benefits and chosen to support hotels that haven’t forgotten that they are in the hospitality business, and so should you.

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