Travel backpack for women

Everyone knows that at the moment, everything is moving differently in offices. It is not like before (not to mention academic life). The computer is the mother of everything. There are still countless office supplies that cannot be replaced by technology, and they are vital for good work and education. It is likely that the travel backpack for women you want to find and write to us your concerns and demands, together we will solve it.

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Handbook on travel backpack for women

When you buy a travel backpack for women, you will inevitably feel in doubt about which product to purchase or not. However, do not worry. If you continue the steps in the following manual, we guarantee that you will find the most suitable model for you:

If you do not want to wait too many days for all the items of your purchases, the best thing to do is to prevent everyone you buy from in the same place.

Before buying, make a budget to calculate what you can buy fully.

 You can choose it based on what you need. We advise you not to buy what you think you do not need.

You can make your purchase think about the future. In other words, if you buy the items in packages, they will be much cheaper than after units and will last much longer.

If you want to know the item’s details, try to look for offers from different sellers. In general, the most famous brands are the ones that offer the most accurate information.

It’s no problem you try to save, but do not overdo it, keep in mind the efficiency of things is not always the cheapest.

How To Choose travel backpack for women

In addition to all the characteristics sought when buying any backpack, such as price, capacity, design, materials, brand, compartments, breathability… There are several specific things you should look at when buying a backpack. Choose a good travel backpack for women.

In general, what differentiates a women’s backpack from a unisex bag is the best fit to the countenance of the body:

  • The shoulder part is narrower: the handles must be well placed so that the weight of the luggage falls correctly on the hips (80% of the weight) and not on the shoulders (20% of the weight).
  • Chest straps are different: the chest strap is usually higher to avoid discomfort. If the backpack also has an adjustment strap on the shoulder straps, you will be able to distribute weight between the shoulders and the chest to achieve more excellent stability.
  • The part of the trunk is narrower: To know which size of travel backpack to choose, you have to measure the distance between the base of the neck and the hip. As generally in women, this length is shorter. Women’s backpacks usually have the faster part of the trunk. On the contrary, the bag must have fully adjustable straps.
  • Hip straps are different: lumbar belts are specifically tailored to the shape of the hips, more tapered and broader than men’s.
  • 40L or 50L backpacks are ideal: of course, this is not a standard and will depend on your body build and the length of the trip. But the usual thing is that the ideal travel backpack for women, taking into account the weight of the body and the height, is those of 40L or 50L. In addition to that, you can carry them without problem in your hand luggage.

Thus, a women’s mountain backpack should be placed higher than a man’s to be more comfortable and lighter.

On the other hand, although not essential, the colors that brands use to design their feminine backpacks are usually more striking. Such as magenta, red, aquamarine, light blue…

Does this mean that it is not advisable to buy a unisex backpack?

There are probably many models of unisex backpacks that are very comfortable for you to travel, especially if you choose the correct size.

But if you choose a specific travel backpack for women, at least you will ensure more excellent ergonomics. The straps are mainly designed for the correct distribution of weight, which translates into greater comfort during your trip.

Travel backpack for women
Travel backpack for women

Best Travel Backpack for Women, Which One to Buy?

When buying a good women’s backpack, it is essential to consider the characteristics that we have mentioned, to a greater extent when it comes to large luggage or backpacks that you are going to carry for many hours.

This is the case with trekking backpacks from 30L to 70L or sports backpacks for hiking trails.

Below we have listed some of the best travel backpack for women, both urban and sports. And in many cases, they are also used to carry as hand luggage on your plane trip.

We are sure that you will love them all.

Travel backpack for women20l

Although we always tend to focus on traveling with a sports backpack in the blog, we also emphasize any backpack that can serve as hand luggage.

This is the case of the classic VASCHY backpack, which can use for any use, they are cheap, and you can also carry them in the cabin.

The capacity is only 20 liters, which is ideal in cases where you check a suitcase and need to carry a smaller piece of luggage where you can store everything you need during the flight.

If you are looking for the same purpose but with a different style, the Fafada urban backpack can also be a great option. In addition to being available in 8 colors, it has more compartments and a little more capacity, precisely 23 liters.

Although they mainly focus on the female audience, the previous two are unisex backpacks in terms of ergonomics.

So if you want a 20L capacity travel backpack that is sporty and maintains the ergonomic construction for women, you can opt for a German brand of sports equipment that never fails, Deuter.

Travel backpack for women30l

The 30-liter capacity backpacks are also very functional. They are ideal for traveling, trekking, hiking, or even daily use.

If you are looking for a good backpacking backpack for women, two other sports brands that have taken pains to design them are Osprey and The North Face.

Specifically, Osprey is one of the classic backpacking brands. If you’re looking for a women’s backpack, the Osprey Tempest 30 is one of our favorites, and it’s also available in different colors and sizes.

Apart from an excellent design, the padding on the back and the adjustable waist and chest straps are designed for your comfort.

As for The North Face, we have even dedicated an entire post to backpacks suitable for air travel. We recommend The North Face Aleia 32L women’s backpack, turquoise in color and designed especially for the female anatomy.

Travel backpack for women40l

The 40L backpacks are perfect for a trip of a few days and even traveling light with only hand luggage.

Some of the best backpack brands for women are Deuter and Osprey, which also have backpacks with this capacity.

In the case of Osprey backpacks for women, the Osprey Kyte 46 W, in this case, has a capacity of 46L (although there are also 50L Osprey backpacks ).

You have to take into account the height measurements in case you need it to carry it as hand luggage on the plane.

They are fully equipped and designed to go camping or hiking. They include a whistle and a protective rain cover. They are light, have a ventilation system, and a pocket for the sleeping bag.

On the other hand, the Deuter ACT Lite 35 + 10 women’s trekking backpack is another great candidate to be one of the best.

Its price is higher than that of other brands or models, and this is because it is a comfortable, robust, functional backpack designed for more excellent adaptation to the woman’s body and for carrying out activities.

On the other hand, if you want a cheap travel backpack for women, this 40L Ferrino Finisterre in gray and purple is a great candidate. It has a waterproof rain cover and a padded back, and you can use it equally for mountaineering and traveling.

Travel backpack for women50l

50-liter travel backpacks are accepted as carry-on luggage on virtually all airlines; however, being flexible, they have more capacity than a carry-on bag.

One of the significant advantages of traveling with a backpack!

They are perfect, for example, as backpacks for 15-day trips and you can also use them for camping or mountaineering.

Continuing with the brands that have chosen to design a range of women’s travel backpacks, you can’t miss The North Face Terra 55 for women, which also has great value for money, an OPTIFIT suspension system to ensure a comfortable fit and safe and an elegant and anatomical design.

What else do you need?

Although we have not named them yet, the VAUDE brand backpacks deserve to be highlighted.

Specifically, the VAUDE Asymmetric 48 + 8 has, among other things, a hip belt and shoulder straps ergonomically designed for women of different heights, an adjustable backrest and a strap with a whistle on the sternum.

We also advise you to consider other backpacking backpacks: those of the Swedish brand Thule.

Thule Versant women’s backpacks are versatile, waterproof, and, among other things, have a customizable hip belt in three positions and interchangeable pockets.

And do you know the Kathmandu brand? This is one of the leading travel brands in Australia and New Zealand. It has a wide range of outdoor clothing for both men and women and camping and sports equipment.

Some travel backpacks for girls of this brand are the 50L Kathmandu Altai or the 40L Kathmandu Voltai. Both are specifically designed for the female anatomy.

We return to the Deuter brand with the Deuter ACT Lite 45 + 10.

This women’s travel backpack is also designed for trekking and hiking. It has a robust construction and ventilation system, and thanks to its materials, it is comfortable and light when carrying loads or walking with it for long periods.

Travel backpack for women60l

A considerable amount of luggage can be packed into 60-liter backpacks, even for long trips.

If you plan to travel by plane, you will have to consider that most airlines do not allow a 60-liter backpack in the cabin, and therefore, you would have to check it in.

Suppose you are looking for a women’s backpack to travel for an extended period. In that case, we recommend the 60L Nomad Voyager, with 80 x 34 x 34 cm, height-adjustable backrest, rain cover, anti-theft zippers…

Or, in case you are on a tight budget and looking for a cheap women’s mountain backpack, then you can check out the 65L Trespass Troposphere, a very lightweight, waterproof backpack with adjustable torso padded straps.

Travel backpack for women70l

For female travelers looking for prominent women’s travel backpacks, the 70-liter backpacks have a large capacity, but keep in mind that these backpacks are not allowed as hand luggage and will need to be checked in.

It is also highly advisable to make a good investment and buy a backpack with quality materials, resistance, light, and a suitable padding and ventilation system that also helps distribute the weight.

A backpack of these dimensions is an excellent load for the body, especially for women of short stature or very light complexion.

So if you want to play it safe, the Deuter Aircontact 60 + 10 available on Amazon in three beautiful colors may be one of your best purchases.

Travel backpack for women80l

The 80-liter backpacks are designed for trekking, mountaineering and travelers who need to carry luggage.

In a backpack of these dimensions, you can even carry up to 20kg of weight, so it is essential that it is comfortable, light and has good fastening straps.

For this case, a great Decathlon women’s backpack is the Forclaz Trek 900 70 + 10L mountain backpack.

The size of its back is adjustable. It has numerous pockets and meshes compartments, a tube to drink water, fastening straps for luggage, and of course, it is designed for the female body.

Therefore, when it comes to which women’s travel backpacks to choose, we recommend choosing one that respects the physiognomy of the body to achieve great comfort and help distribute weight, something that will prevent overloading on trips or the long walks.

Keep in mind that, as we have mentioned before, the perfect weight distribution would be 20% on the shoulders and 80% on the hips.

On the other hand, there are the quality of the materials, the waterproofing, the capacity, the number and distribution of the compartments, the quality of the zippers and the straps, that the straps are adjustable, the breathability of the back, the way of opening (to fit your luggage more comfortably), the padding of the handles and belt, the design, the brand, and of course, the price!

Also, remember that a travel backpack for women full of luggage should not weigh more than 25% of your body weight, and that should place the heaviest object in the central part of it to distribute the weight and avoid injuries.

However, this does not mean that you cannot also opt for some of the best backpacking backpacks (unisex) or travel backpacks for air travel.

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