American Airlines has made an interesting update to both Android and the iOS apps that now allow you to chat with the agents.

Chats are useful if you are in a place where you cannot talk, the internet is the only option or happens to be overseas from where calls can be expensive.

You can access AA here.

The first three questions were chosen from the several options displayed:

After these screening questions, I was then connected to a human agent:

And was continuing the chat:

The ticket was sorted out:


I found this option to be suitable for small changes such as the award rebooking above. The chat was close to flawless (had some screen/typing issues).

It makes sense to have all the information available when you begin the chat (PNR or e-ticket number), and do your homework in advance (I made sure that the flights that I suggested had the award space available).

The revalidated ticket came through a couple of hours later.

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