I will not get into the benefit selection for each tier because this process isn’t much different from the established mechanism, ANA Mileage Club is a bit of a complicated program to begin with.

Here is the chart how AMC will award these campaign miles to members:

A Diamond member can get 40,000 Premium Points for the first flight this year. A Platinum (Star Alliance Gold) member still receives 15,000 points. If this is enough to retain the status this year is another matter but domestic flights in Japan are still very much going on as always.

International flights are still operating but considering the immigration restrictions for Japan this is very much a problem for those members who usually obtain their tier level through international flights. Getting one of the ANA Super Flyer credit cards in Japan would help a Diamond/Platinum member to retain their Gold Status.

International members will be left holding the bag – they receive nothing.

Members who have already taken a flight in 2021 as of February 26, 2021, the Premium Points for their first flight of the year will be accrued retroactively by late March.

This is textbook ANA / Japan. What would speak against a very simple campaign that benefits all members? No, they have to make it into a maze again.


This campaign will help members who are based in japan and take a domestic flight to trigger this bonus. Of course the bonus alone won’t by itself result in retaining their tier level but it’s a good step in that direction.

International members of AMC won’t profit from this in any capacity unless you’re able to use ANA as a connection flight lets say Los Angeles – Tokyo – Bangkok. An existing Diamond member would trigger the 40k Bonus with such a flight as well. You would need to move your address to some place in Japan for the time being (could be a hotel or anything).

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