Another Hilton affiliated hotel is in hot water after a white employee called police when a black family was using the pool.

Hilton has had quite a bit of racial issues with black guests as of late. African American guest was thrown out of a hotel in Portland after chatting with his mother on cell (read more here) in the lobby, and locals were not welcomed at another property (read more here).

Here’s a statement that Hilton released on Hampton’s Facebook page:

“Hampton by Hilton has zero tolerance for racism or discrimination of any kind. On Saturday, we were alerted to an online video of a guest incident at one of our franchise properties. We moved quickly to identify the hotel and the guest, so that we could make contact and review the matter.

Even as we communicated our expectations to the ownership and management of the Williamston property on Sunday, we learned that the team member is no longer employed at the hotel. We have apologized directly to the guest and her family for their experience, and will work with them and the hotel to make this right. We remain in contact with the hotel’s ownership about follow up actions, and to ensure that in the future, their employees reflect the best values of our brand and are welcoming of all.”

– Shruti Gandhi Buckley, Global Head, Hampton by Hilton

Locals Not Welcomed At Hilton Hotels?


The race relations are not at its highest point in the United States right now, and you would think that a white employee would think twice before calling the cop on guests who are using the pool.

Not sure why Hilton continues to have issues with employees harassing black guests?

Perhaps all white board of directors doesn’t help with diversity (not only Hilton’s problem – common in corporate America)? It neither represents the composition of employees nor the geographical distribution of hotels and guests.

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