Caesars Rewards has sent out an email indicating that they are extending elite status until January 31, 2022. They are also reducing requirements to earn 2021 status and extending the expiration of rewards credits, though I suspect those readers interested in the program will be most interested in the extension of Diamond stauts/benefits. You can find more info on their COVID-19 response page.

The steak rack from Gordon Ramsay Steak, where my wife and I each got $100 off our meals thanks to status matching our way around to Caesars Diamond.

Elite status extended

Very simply, Caesars has announced that whatever 2020 status you hold with Caesars Rewards will be extended to January 31, 2022. That’s good news for those riding the status-match-go-round both because it means you are all set for 2021 and because Caesars has maintained a calendar that is offset from Wyndham’s.

Reduced status requirements

For those who will still work on earning 2021 status this year (perhaps via Caesars credit card spend?), Caesars is slightly decreasing the requirements as follows:

• Platinum: Now 4,000 Tier Credits (was 5,000 Tier Credits)
• Diamond: Now 12,000 Tier Credits (was 15,000 Tier Credits)
• Diamond Plus: Now 20,000 Tier Credits (was 25,000 Tier Credits)
• Diamond Elite: Now 60,000 Tier Credits (was 75,000 Tier Credits)
• Seven Stars®: Now 125,000 Tier Credits (was 150,000 Tier Credits)

Additionally, the current expiration of Rewards Credits is on hold. Reward Credits will NOT expire for six months of inactivity until September 1, 2020, at the earliest – so if you had Rewards Credits scheduled to expire soon, you’ll have at least a few more months to use them.

Bottom line

This is good news for Caesars Rewards members and particularly good news for those who have matched status and will now keep it for a couple of years. Caesars Diamond still offers an annual $100 celebration dinner for Diamond members. If you use one in 2020 (whether you already did since February 1st or you do later this year), I’m not positive whether you’ll be able to do so again next year, but I expect you will. One thing that stood out when I reviewed benefits is that I no longer see 2 free show tickets per month listed as a benefit of Diamond status. I’m not sure if that went away with the introduction of two new levels of Diamond status or whether it’s still available. I’ll have to do some more investigation on that — but at the very least, the lack of resort fees and $100 celebration dinner will still make it well worth the match to Diamond.

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