A couple of months ago Citi announced that they’d be changing the earning structure on the Citi Premier card.

Those changes were originally due to take effect on August 23, with one of the changes being that grocery store purchases would earn 3x ThankYou points. Citi ended up bringing in those changes early, but one aspect that hadn’t been clear is if international grocery purchases would code as 3x.

Citi Premier International Grocery Stores

The Amex Gold card is very clear that it only earns 4x Membership Rewards at supermarkets in the US, but Citi hadn’t advised either way as to whether 3x at grocery stores would be US-only or if purchases at overseas supermarkets would also be included.

We now appear to have an answer thanks to HChris. They commented the following on that original post about the Citi Premier changes:

I can now confirm from personal experience that international grocery stores (Germany in my case) are also earning 3x. This is a huge winner for me and the reason why I ditched my Amex Gold as that was restricted to US based only.

While this won’t be of huge significance to many people, if you frequently buy groceries overseas when traveling internationally or actually live overseas, this is a great development as it gives you a rewarding payment option on what could be everyday expenses. An additional benefit is that the Citi Premier card doesn’t charge a foreign transaction fee, so you won’t be losing out on that end.

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