We’ve recently given some credit to Amex for the free one year Calm Premium membership they are giving to all US consumer & corporate cardholders given a lot of reader feedback about the quality of the app for relaxation, meditation, and sleep. It was an out-of-the-box move that will certainly add value for some cardholders in anxiety-filled times. It seems that Chase has taken a page out of the Amex playbook, albeit markedly less generous: I found new Chase Offers today for either $5 or 10% back (up to $9) on certain meditation apps or $20 back on online therapy services. While timely, they follow in Chase’s relatively hum-drum response to the pandemic compared to Amex.

The Deal

  • There are new Chase Offers out for the following (check your cards to see if you’re targeted for any and keep in mind that there may be additional targeted differences):
    • $5 back on select meditation apps
    • 10% back on select meditation apps up to $9 back
    • $20 back on a Talkspace purchase (online licensed therapists)

Key Terms

  • See your Chase Offers for specific terms

Quick Thoughts

I think it makes sense for issuers to encourage spend on things that encourage wellness, particularly in a time when many people have been feeling notable increases in stress from various factors. Had Amex not already stolen Chase’s thunder on this, I’d probably give Chase some kudos here rather than a slow clap.

Still, those who are current Calm Premium subscribers rather than new subscribers may be able to at least save a few bucks here (?) and those who are looking for online therapy services may find an avenue with which they weren’t familiar, so these are overall a net positive for sure.

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