Many airlines tend to keep base fares very low and then jacking them up using carrier surcharges, previously fuel, making select awards pricier than buying the same flights for cash (looking at Lufthansa Group of airlines).


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a note that Finnair had removed carrier surcharges from their European flights, making them now a better deal for those redeeming from programs that charge these fees, such as BA’s Executive Club.

Finnair Plus members have not paid these fees on award flights for a while, and it is up to the ticketing carrier if they apply them for awards flights.

Here’s a note that we received from Finnair:

We have indeed removed long-haul YR in June and Europe YR in October, as a part of our drive to simplify our pricing and to make it more transparent.

There are some exceptions to this related to our joint business routes (US-Europe, Japan-Europe, China-Europe) due to our partners.

I checked some Finnair award availability using BA’s Avios:

Helsinki – London

The taxes are fees are reasonable 15.43 euros.

Helsinki – Milan

Same taxes as in the previous case. There is no difference in taxes from Finland between economy and business classes.


Airlines renamed fuel surcharges as carrier ones after oil prices collapsed. They are often collected from award tickets, corporate discounts don’t apply to them, and travel agents don’t get commission on the surcharge amount.

There is no other reason for them now when airlines must advertise all-inclusive fares on most markets.

I am glad that Finnair has decided to roll them to base fares on most markets where they belong. This also made Fnnair awards better deal from partner programs.

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