FUMING families were forced to spend their New Year’s Eve in the dark and the cold after a power cut at a holiday park left the celebrations in ruins.

Guests at Tattershall Lakes Country Park in Lincolnshire were without light, heating or water for the entire night, with many forced to go home.

 Hundreds of guests had no water or power during New Year's Eve due to a failure at a holiday park


Hundreds of guests had no water or power during New Year’s Eve due to a failure at a holiday park

The power cut was first reported at 6:18pm on the park’s Facebook page on December 31, before some power was restored by 6:50pm.

However staff told guests to stay in their rooms and avoid the main entertainment area, despite the planned celebrations.

By 10:20pm, families were told to “head home” if possible as there would be no power or water throughout the night due to a large power cable failure.

They explained that they would be distributing “limited” water bottles and asked guests not to flush the toilet.

The last update of the night was at 12:15am, adding that guests would be informed of more details at 7am.

They said in a statement: “We wish you all the best for 2020 and we are sorry for the final day of 2019 not being what any of us would have wanted.”

Intermittent power was finally brought back on by 11:51am the next day, although problems continued throughout the day.

Furious guests of the resort, which has hundreds of chalets and lodges, claimed the park had ruined their New Year celebrations.

Joe Glossop said: “We have 38 unhappy children in out caravan we’ve ordered takeaway pizza and not one of us can see what we’re eating it’s a right mess in here.”

Many guests were forced to leave as they had young children or elderly relatives with them.

Lee Pankethman said: “Well we have had to drive home anyway, couldn’t risk staying any longer with the kids, f*****g freezing for them, not good at all spending new year like this.”

 Some guests were forced to use battery operated Christmas trees as lighting


Some guests were forced to use battery operated Christmas trees as lighting
 Mum Tessa Hall said her kids were "loving" the power cut


Mum Tessa Hall said her kids were “loving” the power cut

Vanya Chadburn added: “We have left as my mum has pulmonary fibrosis so too cold for her.”

However, other guests praised the team working to fix the problem, and said they were making the most of the outage.

Barry Clough said: “Not being funny but it could happen anywhere to anyone… unfortunately it’s ‘just one of those things’ I’m sure Tattershall didn’t plan this. People need to give them a break.”

Angela Finne wrote: ” Happy new year’s everyone. We are making the most of it and having a great party in the dark. “

Tessa Hall also said: “Kids are loving this not something they experience so making the most of no iPads and making their own fun.”

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Carl Castledine, the CEO of Away Resorts who own the park, posted a video apologising for the problems at the park.

He explained: “The fact that we have not been able to provide you with the planned celebration for New Year and that so many people have been affected by the power outage is something I am deeply sorry about.”

Carl added: “There are also many guests and holiday home owners that were not going to attend the evening event, instead opting to celebrate in their accommodation. It isn’t lost on any of us how disappointed you must feel.”

He also thanked guests and staff for their “positive and supportive comments” and added that guests would be entitled to full refunds and compensation.

The park underwent a £5.5 million refurbishment earlier this year.

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Sun Online Travel contacted Away Resorts for comment.

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