Update 1/12/20: You no longer need to upload receipts from some gas stations – more about this towards the end.

Update 9/20/19: Another 1,200+ gas stations have been added in Georgia, Texas and elsewhere around the country.

Update 7/2/19: Another 1,000+ gas stations across the Midwest have been added to the app – see the end of the post for more details.


The GetUpside app has recently added more than 2,000 BP gas stations nationwide at which you can save on fuel. That means it’s now available in even more cities and states nationwide, including Atlanta, Chicago and Michigan.

GetUpside new gas stations

I first heard about GetUpside (not to be confused with this Upside) back in January when Doctor of Credit updated their post about the app and shared that it was available in even more states. Now that we’re driving 25-30,000 miles a year, I’ll take fuel savings wherever I can get them, so I downloaded the app to check it out. We were in Kansas at the time which didn’t have any participating gas stations back then. We’re currently in Virginia which has several participating gas stations, but I’ve since been using up Kroger fuel points for $1 off per gallon, so still haven’t had an opportunity to save with GetUpside.

I’ve checked out the app a few times though to see how it works. When opening the app, it’ll search near you for participating gas stations and will list their prices:

GetUpside map

As you’ll see above, I could get 29c per gallon cash back at a local Shell station. Note though that 20c of that appears to be a bonus, presumably a new user bonus seeing as I haven’t saved with the app yet. As you can see from that image, savings near me currently range from 1c per gallon up to 10c per gallon.

Before filling up, you have to tap the ‘Claim’ button for the gas station you’ll be using and you have to fill up within four hours of doing that. Afterwards, be sure to get a receipt as you have to upload it in order to get your savings/rewards.

For those of you that have vehicle(s) with large tanks, one of the benefits of GetUpside is that the cash back you earn is good on up to 50 gallons of fuel. Many fuel point/discount schemes limit you to 20-30 gallons per fill up, so in theory 50 gallons is better. That said, you can often get larger per-gallon savings with other fuel reward schemes, so your mileage may vary quite literally. For example, you’d save more by getting 60c off per gallon on 25 gallons with another scheme than 29c off per gallon on 50 gallons with GetUpside.

Now that GetUpside has added more than 2,000 BP gas stations nationwide, it’s available in more cities and states than before. Here are some examples given by GetUpside:

GetUpside new locationsSavings from GetUpside can be stacked with other deals to save even more. For example, Discover is offering 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter, plus you can earn United miles at BP when connecting your MileagePlus account. (n.b. That deal is marked as expired, but that’s only for the additional bonus. You can still earn a 200 mile bonus when signing up and 1-3 miles per gallon when filling up.) (Edit 1: As per Vaibhav’s comment below, the United/BP partnership is ending on September 30, 2019.) (Edit 2: When this post was originally written, Discover was offering 5% cashback. That quarter has now ended, but Chase is offering 5% on the Freedom card from Jul-Sep, 2019.)

Some grocery store fuel schemes partner with larger gas stations like Shell and BP (e.g. Kroger and Harris Teeter) so that you can use your fuel points there. While those savings stack with GetUpside, they do reduce the cash back you earn from GetUpside to some extent. Their FAQs state that’s done to keep the gas stations on board so that they don’t withdraw from the app, but it’s not clear quite how much of the cash back is forfeited.

It’s often possible to pick up BP and Shell gift cards for 10-20% off with Amex Offers, Happy gift card deals, etc., so I’d been hoping that would also stack with GetUpside. That’s sadly not the case though – only credit and debit card transactions are included.

It’s therefore important to look at all your fuel saving opportunities to work out what your best deal will be. Seeing as we move somewhere new every week, I’ll be keeping GetUpside on my phone as I’m sure there’ll be times where the cash back I’d earn with the app would be greater than the savings I could make through other avenues.

One thing to bear in mind when evaluating your savings is that there’s a $1 fee if you cash out via PayPal for under $15. If you use GetUpside somewhat regularly, it shouldn’t be too hard to reach the $15 threshold, but it’s worth considering.

For example, let’s say your car takes 20 gallons each time you fill up and that GetUpside saves you 5c per gallon each time. It could be more or less than 5c, but that seems like a reasonable estimate based on the 1-9c savings currently available near me. You’d save 20c on your first fill up (15c bonus (see referral below) + 5c standard) which comes to $4. You’d then only need…

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