We reported in December (read more here) that Marriott’s W hotels were moving away from loved Bliss products and introducing Momo that you can buy from Walmart.

Marriott PR released a press release about this change this Wednesday. We would like to know what our readers think of this? Do they prefer Momo over Bliss?

Here are some photos of the packaging:

Here’s a review of Momo that a friend of mine wrote:

With little fanfare, W Hotels have switched from Bliss branded toiletries to MOMO and Skin Regimen by Davines. While this may not be generating headlines in loyalty circles, we predict it will garner more attention as the rollout continues. Over the years, we have heard over and over again that Bliss was beloved by W guests.

What is MOMO or Skin Regimen by Davines

Davines is an Italian brand found in midscale hair salons and spas, and is known for using sustainable practices. It is well distributed and can be found in many parts of the world, including the USA. MOMO is one of the many lines from Davines. In the USA, it can be purchased at Walmart. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Davines-Momo-Moisturizing-Shampoo-for-Dry-Dehydrated-Hair-33-8-Oz/48811187

Skin Regimen is a newer line from the skincare division of Davines. Their claim is beauty meets sustainability. https://skinregimen.com

Retail vs W versions of MOMO by Davines 

W’s version of the product appears to be licensed by Davines to LaBottega, one of the largest suppliers of hotel toiletries. The product we received and tested was made in China, however LaBottega has other factories around the world. Retail versions are made in Italy. Both the retail and Marriott versions are Paraben and Sulfate Free. Ingredients from the Marriott version very widely from the retail version – this being a clear example of what you get in a hotel is NOT the same as found in a retail store.

We hope a chemist can help us explain the difference in formulations, however reps from other brands have told us that hotel versions are made for harder and varying water acidity and longer shelf life.

The Davines retail products purchased in stores have Zero impact packaging, which does not seem to be the case with the W version. Nor does it seem to be recyclable. (All of this may be moot as Marriott has pledged to go zero waste with hotel toiletries being in large presumably pump style containers.)

The W version of the product is available at whotelsthestore.com

So, what is it like?

We put all products to test over a few days. And are is our first impression:

MOMO Shower gel: very good viscosity with a very slight green melon fruity scent. We found the packaging easier to squeeze than Bliss.

Shampoo: complementing the shower gel with a bit of a green apple scent. Great viscosity; it was easy to work up a lather. The Bliss ’Supershine’ shampoo had a more distinct lemon + sage scent and many of us found the product harder to pour, but once that product combined with water it was fabulous. Not sure if the easier to pour MOMO is worth the lesser scent and lighter end result? John’s note: We know scents are very personal and opinions may vary.

Conditioner: generally unremarkable. Not offensive, but not sure if it even works.

Skin Regimen Face wash: this is a white cream with very little foam, we detected a slight citrus scent. This is a stark contrast from Bliss and the ‘Fabulous Foaming Face Wash’ Gel that many of our readers hoarded. The Skin Regimen did clean the face, but it seemed in a more clinical and functional way.

Skin Regimen Body Cream: It’s an ok scent, but far from the Bliss ‘Body Butter’ taken and placed in purses and backpacks worldwide. Credit for the new product having olive oil and shea butter, so it’s effective and free of harmful chemicals.

Skin Regimen Bar soap: another huge difference from Bliss; not only in the smaller size of the bar, but the square shape and missing nubs on one side for cleaning/massage that Bliss bars had. The scent and texture was generally unremarkable but not offensive. It did the job without leaving a lingering scent or film.

Branding Confusion

Bliss had excitement and was one line. Neither Davines or it’s MOMO and Skin Regimen lines seem to have much buzz or even awareness outside of hair salons. This is complicated by a lot going on here brand wise: there are 3 different websites listed on the small bottles of MOMO. One is Slow Food Presidio – we’re not clear if Marriott even has involvement in this noble cause, but it seems undercut by the Marriott version being made in China.

More Questions for Marriott

With Marriott’s PR team being tight lipped, we have lots of questions: in suites, W was famous for giving you larger bottles of the Bliss products (something to take home and brag about), will they do the same with MOMO? W used to have very handy “Tidy Towels” that were Bliss made moist towelettes that were perfect for a purse and backpack, will we see a Davines…

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